• loop-cibico


Video animation for CIBICO,
a new project born with the aim of transforming food waste into a new graphic communication media.

Ilustration and animation: Oze Tajada

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Decathlon Circularity

Animation video made for Decathlon talking about their first steps towards product circularity.
Illustration & Animation:  Oze Tajada
Client: Subea


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¡No pierdas el ritmo!

Animation video made for Fundación Mapfre about the week of the mobility

Illustration: Marina Stecca & Oze Tajada
Animation: Oze Tajada



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Bluenergy, una storia di sostenibilità

Video animation talking about the sustainability of the energy company Bluenergy

Ilustration and animation: Oze Tajada

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  • letgo

Let go

Illustrations for a serie of animation videos for Let go

Illustration: Oze tajada
Art direction & animation: Sweat studio

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  • cat-running2

Perfect Fit Illustration

Illustrations for Perfect Fit Uk

Illustration: Oze tajada
Art direction: BBDO Paris



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  • home2

Mahou 77 Veces Gracias

Agency: McCann España
Animation: Sweat Studio
Illustration: Oze Tajada

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  • seat

Seat LMS

Illustration for an animation serie about new intern system for Seat

Illustration: Oze tajada
Art direction & animation: Sweat studio

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  • mapfre-home

Fundación Mapfre

Animation videos for Fundación Mapfre

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  • kipsta_handball_ozetajada

Kipsta Rebranding Illustrations

Sports illustrations for Kipsta Rebrand.
Illustrations: Oze Tajada
Client: Decathlon

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Rossignol The band of heroes

Illustrations for an artistic campaign of Rossignol «Only the Best Gett Green, Only the Best Becomes a Hero»

Illustration: Oze Tajada
Art direction: Heads Italy
Animation: Sweat Studio

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  • decathlon-logo-varations-oze

Logo Variations

Study variations of Tribord iconotype
Idea and design: Oze Tajada
Concept: Raphael Vis

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  • nissan-600x441

Nissan Descarging

Illustrations for a promotional video of Nissan parking system.
Agencia: Sweat
Cliente: Nissan
Ilustraciones: Oze Tajada

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  • Decathlonnail

Decathlon Brandbook

For a new Decathlon sub-brand, I created a Brandbook with underwater scenes that illustrate an innovative new project they are developing.
The book is printed on stone paper, an eco friendly material which makes completely waterproof.

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  • caminosantiago_ozetajada02

Cammino di santiago

Illustration for an animation video to promote St. James’s Way in Italy.
Agencia: mosaicoon
Cliente: Turismo in Italia
Ilustraciones: Oze Tajada
Animación: Jorge Ruiz

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  • ronritual_oze5

Ron Ritual A Tale

Illustrations for a «ronfounding» advertising spot.

Illustration: Oze tajada
Animation: La Zona

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  • ecopilotcover


Illustration and art direction for a
promotional video of a new eco project.
Illustration: Oze Tajada
Animation: Plumcat studio

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  • Sello-la-favorita-web

La Favorita Stamp

La Favorita is a hand made project by Oze Tajada and Marina Stecca
Together, we designed this two-color stamp sign of our limited edition prints.

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  • socialzoneozetajada03

Social Zone – Free Wifi

Agency: Dromocromo
Client: Social Zone
ProductionJuan Perno
Ilustration Oze Tajada
Animation: Jorge Ruiz

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  • ozetajada_prosegur

Icon set Prosegur

Icon design for an animation video.

Animation: Jorge Ruiz
Design: Oze Tajada

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  • myxalogo


Logotype for a consultancy studio for digital strategy.

Graphic Design: Oze Tajada
Art Direction: Juan Perno (Dromocromo)



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  • Captura de pantalla 2014-10-19 a la(s) 17.43.48

Revista Papeles

Promotional video for Fuhem Ecosocial.
Revista PAPELES (2014)

Produced and Directed: Juan Perno (DROMOCROMO)
Animation: Oze Tajada & MODULARESTUDIO

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  • braderie2

Postcard design for the Braderie of Lille

I designed postcards for the Braderie of Lille 2015, the biggest street market in Europe that takes place on the weekend of the first Sunday of September.

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  • spb_ozetajada_01

SPB seguro movil

Illustration and storyboard for an animation video for SPB mobile insurance.

Illustration: Oze Tajada
Animation: Estudio La zona


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  • map


Illustration for an Op-Ed article in the magazine «ON» about Quadrilateralism, The New Frontier by Alex Calvo published in Issue.18

  • pattern-isla

Cosmetics ISLA

Isla is a new line of natural cosmetics, 100% hand made with a philosophy of providing pure, fair trade products.

Illustrations, packaging design, pictures and layout : Oze Tajada


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  • Soloaffittocharacters

Animation Video

Illustrations for an online ad for the Real Estate Agency, Soloaffitto
Production & Art Direction: Dromocromo
Illustrations:  Oze Tajada and Marina Stecca
Animation: Gianlucca Scuderi

See the video below

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  • margaret

Margaret App

Design/Art Direction for a video presentation for a new iPhone and Android application which looks for real time events (concerts, film festivals, museum expositions) based on user preferences of category, price, distance worldwide.
Animation by Gianlucca Scuderi

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  • aticulopinion_02

Magazine Illustration

Illustration for an Op-Ed article titled «The End of Privacy» by Gabriel Shpilt as part of his ongoing series, «Better the Devil You Know»


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  • happyclient

Happy Client

Illustrations for an animation/infographics video for Happy Client.

Art Direction & Animation: Modularestudio
Illustrations:  Oze Tajada

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  • Beautyfarracharacters

Beautyfarra New Brand

Graphic Design/Character Design for a new motion graphic agency soon to debut online

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  • conservapesca

Conserva Pesca

llustrations for an animation video for Conserva pesca.
Production & Art Direction: Modularestudio
Illustrations:  Oze Tajada

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  • ale_02

Cucina con Ale

Illustrations for the opening title of a cooking series called «Cucina con Ale» and broadcast in Italy on the national channel «Real Time».

Motion: Gianluca Scuderi
Illustration:Oze Tajada

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  • sugus

The Sugus Project

TheSugusProject is a graphic/illustration and motion graphics studio founded in Rome in 2010.

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  • atelier

Atelier du Boucher

Atelier du Boucher is a new project that plays with the concept of meat, the primary material for their shoe designs. In creating their corporate image, I explored a variety of different butcher shops for inspiration.

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Pattern design

«La Favorita» is a silkscreen collective based in Barcelona. Various artists participate in the project which culminates in a series of products that are made by hand with eco-friendly materials. In this case, I created a pattern to be stamped onto fabric and later used for the production of objects such as pencil cases, purses and any item on which silkscreening is possible.

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  • bcntour

Barcelona Tour

Identity for online video platform specialized in ecological and sustainable tourism, developed in Barcelona

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